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Casanova's Love...

Fellini's Casanova (Il Casanova di Federico Fellini) is a 1976 Italian film by director Federico Fellini, adapted from the autobiography of Giacomo Casanova, the 18th century adventurer and writer.

Shot entirely at the Cinecittà studios in Rome, the film won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design, with the Oscar going to Danilo Donati.

The film portrays Casanova's life as a freakish journey into sexual abandonment. Any meaningful emotion or sensuality is eclipsed by increasingly strange situations. The narrative presents Casanova's adventures in a detached, methodical fashion, as the respect he yearns for is constantly undermined by more basic urges.
Tina Aumont plays the role of Henriette, the true love of Giacomo Casanova (Donald Sutherland).

The film opens with a carnival in Venice as a prelude to a series of erotic encounters that follow Giacomo Casanova through the cities of 18th century Europe. It is during this festival that a gigantic bust fails to rise from the water, which is taken as a bad omen. Casanova is then introduced as he defiles a fake nun for the pleasure of a rich voyeur; Casanova succeeds in entertaining him, but he is frustrated that the man finds no interest in his alchemical research and further scheming. As he rows back to mainland, Casanova is arrested, judged and imprisoned by the High Court over his famed debauchery.

During his time in prison, Casanova reminisces of his affair with a seamstress and later on one of her servants, Anna Maria, who is bound by frequent fainting and requires constant bloodletting. He eventually consummates his desire to be with Anna Maria. Back in prison, Casanova escapes through the rooftops and exiles himself from Venice, being taken into the Paris court of the Madame d'Urfé. The Madame, an aged woman, enthralled by Casanova's apparent knowledge of alchemy, wishes to transform her soul into a man's through ritualistic intercourse with him (an act that requires the presence of a younger woman in the room, so that Casanova can get aroused). Casanova then moves to the court of a hunchback, Du Bois, in between taking charge of a beautiful girl—"the love of [his] life"—Henriette. Du Bois puts on a homosexual performance for his guests that unsettles some of his guests and Casanova is brought to tears as Henriette plays some music. The lovers vow fidelity to each other, but the following morning Henriette has disappeared. Du Bois informs Casanova that an emissary of a far-away court has reclaimed Henriette, and she's left her bidding that Casanova not attempt following her.

While in London, an aged Casanova is robbed by two women and he attempts suicide by drowning himself in the Thames. A vision of a giantess and two dwarves detracts him, and follows them to a Frost fair, where he arm-wrestles the giantess—a princess—and later pays to watch her bathe with the dwarves. Casanova resumes his travelling the following day. He frequents a deranged party at Lord Talou's in Rome, where he wins a bet with a stagecoach driver, Righetto, over how many orgasms he can have in one hour. The competition brings him higher acclaim. In Germany he falls in love with an alchemist's daughter, Isabella, who fails to keep up with an appointment to go to Dresden with him; Casanova instead partakes in an orgy within the hostel he's been stranded. He has a brief, chance encounter with his estranged mother in a theater. He then moves to a court in Württemberg, where his desire to be taken seriously as a writer/inventor are frustrated by the court's orgiastic, wild nature. It is here that he meets Rosalba, a mechanical doll with whom he shares a dance and later on goes to bed with.

Times goes by and an old Casanova finds himself librarian to Count Waldstein at his castle in Dux. Life at the castle is more than frustrating for Casanova, as he is made eat with other servants and does not get the respect nor the food he claims to deserve. Waldstein's manservant, Faulkircher, and his lover Vidarol, make him object of mockery and animosity. A portrait of him is hanged and defecated on. Later on, during a fervent poetry recital, a court member fails to suppress a giggle at Casanova, who, humiliated and disappointed, goes back up to his room. The final scene has a weary, bloodshot Casanova cringing in an armchair and recounting a recent dream. In this dream, Casanova is back in Venice. He catches a glimpse of the giant bust seen in the beginning of the film, buried under thick layers of ice in the lagoon. He chases the ghosts of his past lovers, all of whom disappear. An ornate stagecoach beckons him to join its passengers. He finally meets with Rosalba, the mechanical doll, once again. They quietly dance with each other.

Italian Director Federico Fellini Directing A Scene From Casanova with French Actress Tina Aumont On January 5Th 1976.
(Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

Photo 1: Tina Aumont as Henriette, from:  
Photos 2, 4: Getty Images
Photos 3, 5, 7: E-bay
Photo 6: Picture shared by Bev. Thank you very much!! ^_^ 
Photos 8-20: My Screencaps. If you want to see more screencaps please check her facebook Tribute page, thank you!! ^_^
Photos 20 & 21: My scans from a cinema card purchased on e-bay.
Photo 22: Tina Aumont and Federico Fellini while filming Casanova. Scan from Italian magazine Il Monello (15th February 1977).

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Happy beautiful Family

Beautiful Dominican actress Maria Montez and her handsome French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont were parents of a baby girl the 14th February 1946. The baby was Marie-Christine Aumont and she was born in Hollywood.
Jean Cocteau wrote a poem for her birth “La Fille aux étoiles” and Marlene Dietrich sang lullabies while cradling her.
They were a real happy family until the suddenly loss of Maria Montez the 7th September 1951 only aged 39.
The following pictures capture their love and tenderness towards their baby girl Tina.

 Jean Pierre Aumont and Maria Montez with their daughter Tina (future Tina Aumont Marquand) on August 17, 1948 Credit ©Rue des Archives/AGIP

This is the last pic known of Maria Montez and Tina Aumont published in 1951. 

Photo 1: Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images
Photo 2: My scan from French magazine Cine Revue, 1969
Photos 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 & 10: From e-bay auctions.
Photo 5: Can't remember the source,please if you know it, just tell me, thank you!!! <3
Photo 9: My scan from Italian Oggi Illustratto (30th May 1968)

Photo 11: From tumblr.
Photo 12: Getty Images.
Photo 13: My scan from La Semana Illustrata, 1951.

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Summer birthday lunch

August 1958 - The family of the actors Jean-Pierre Aumont and Marisa Pavan photographed around a table set in the garden of Marisa's family house; their son Jean-Claude, turning comically seated on the table, is celebrated by his extended family for his first birthday: his young aunt Patrizia Pierangeli, his stepsister Marie-Christine (Tina), his parents and his maternal grandmother Enrica Pierangeli. Pesaro (Italy). 
(Photos by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images) Mondadori Portfolio/All Over Press

Photos from Getty Images.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Flower Child

Angelo Frontoni took some of the most iconic pictures of Tina Aumont in his photoshot for being published in Palyboy magazine in July 1969 issue. These pics wete taken at Tina's home in Rome in 1968. At that time she was living with her partner musician and painter Frédéric Pardo, they were living in a Roman Villa.



All ptotos are my scans except the first photo which comes from Vintage Erotica Forums. And photos 3 & 4 which come from:
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- Photos 39 & 40: French Cine Revue, 10th May 1973

Some of these pics have been censored by me because the original ones contain nudity. If you want to see the full uncensored pics, please check Tina Aumont's tribute at facebook, thank you very much :)